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Swiss driver's license: your freedom

In-town your driving school in Geneva: dedicated to guiding you through the process of obtaining your driver's license. At In-Town, we understand the importance of swiss driver's license. It's much more than just a document; it's the key to your independence on Swiss roads. As your driving school, we'll be with you every step of the way, ensuring you master the skills you need to drive safely and confidently.


Auto school and expertise

We understand the specifics of the driving in Geneva, and our driving school specializes in preparing you for your Geneva driver's license. With In-Town, you'll benefit from appropriate training to local reality, giving you an extra edge in the practical test.

We're committed to making your journey of obtaining the Swiss driver's license a rewarding and successful experience. Join us to acquire the necessary skills, develop your confidence behind the wheel and open the door to a new era of mobility.

Yang Weixiu
Yang Weixiu
A huge thank you to my amazing driving monitor, Michael, for helping me pass my driving test. His expertise and encouragement made a significant difference. Can’t recommend him enough!
xoxo world
xoxo world
Une équipe excellente 👏 je suis très satisfait Bonne continuation.
Merci à Michael pour la disponibilité, la pédagogie et le soutien lors des leçons. Un mois pour réussir à prendre confiance sur la route. Ce n’était pas gagné mais avec de la patience et les bons conseils, j’ai réussi l’examen pratique du 1er coup! Encore merci ☺️
Après avoir suivi le cours de sensibilisation avec et des cours de conduite avec Michael, c’est avec le permis en poche que j’écris cet avis. J’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à apprendre avec Michael, il a été patient et bienveillant, toujours avec des remarques pertinentes. Je ne peux que recommander! Merci beaucoup :)
Ponctuel, agréable et s'adapte à tous les types de profil. Je recommande à 100%
Cihan Kisa
Cihan Kisa
Loic est avec certitude l’un des meilleurs moniteurs de Genève, il m’a permis en quelques heures d’avoir mon permis du premier coup. Il est très à l’écoute des différentes demandes et s’adapte aux difficultés de chacun. Je le recommande à 100%.
Tetrixia Floyd
Tetrixia Floyd
Je remercie David pour son professionnalisme, il est au top ! Et merci pour le permis 🎉😊
Très bonne école de conduite, à l’écoute des besoins de l’élève et vous met en confiance lors de la conduite
Thibault Kronegg
Thibault Kronegg
très bon moniteur ! j’ai eu mon permis du 1er coup

Our services

Services carefully designed to support you at every stage of your journey towards obtaining the driving license in Switzerland.

Car driving courses

Whether you're a novice or looking to perfect your skills, our driving courses are suitable for all levels.

First aid courses

Drivers should be equipped to react effectively in an emergency. That's why we include first aid courses in our program.

Theoretical courses

Our courses are designed to give you a solid grounding in the rules of the road, the rules of driving and responsible behavior.

Motorcycle driving courses

Learn the techniques specific to motorcycle riding, with an emphasis on safety and control.

Awareness courses

We aim to develop a keen awareness of the issues involved in driving, pedestrian safety, the environment and sharing the road.

Driver's licence exchange

If you have already obtained a license in another country and wish to convert it, our driving school facilitates the exchange process.

Our prices

First aid courses (10H)

CHF 130.00

Theoretical courses (2H)

CHF 170.00

Motorcycle courses (12H)

CHF 300.00

Car driving courses

from CHF 75.00

Awareness courses (8H)

CHF 80.00

Permit exchange (100 mins)

CHF 170.00

Our team

Your driving school in Geneva

Right in the middle of the beautiful city of Geneva, where exemplary driving blends with the beauty of this world city. With us, learning to drive becomes a unique experience, combining professionalism, expertise and a touch of Geneva elegance.

Complete Swiss driver's license training

Our driving school in Geneva is distinguished by its commitment to comprehensive, high-quality driver training. Whether you're looking to get your car or motorcycle license and enjoy the freedom of the open road, our experienced instructors are here to help.

Tailor-made theoretical and practical courses

Driving in Geneva requires a thorough understanding of the local rules of the road. Our theory courses go beyond simple exam and practical test preparation, providing you with an in-depth knowledge of the Swiss Highway Code. Driving lessons are specially designed to adapt to Geneva's complex streets, so you can learn to drive in a busy urban environment.

Qualified and passionate driving instructors

Our qualified instructors, passionate about teaching driving, will accompany you during your driving hours with patience and expertise as you learn. Their mission is to make you not only a competent driver, but also an ambassador for road safety in Geneva.

Raising awareness and respecting the environment

In Geneva, awareness of road safety and respect for the environment are key values. We integrate these aspects into our training, encouraging you to adopt responsible and environmentally-friendly driving, in keeping with the spirit of this cosmopolitan city.

Exam preparation and Swiss license exchange

We prepare you carefully for the practical test, giving you all the keys you need to pass with flying colors. If you're coming from somewhere else, our license exchange service simplifies the process, making driving in Geneva as easy as possible.

The 4 steps to a Swiss driver's license

Obtaining a Swiss driver's license is a process structured around four essential stages, each of which plays a crucial role in shaping a competent and responsible driver.

First Aid courses

The first step on the road to a Swiss driver's licence is training in the following areas first aid courses. This module aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to react effectively in the event of an accident or emergency on the road. 

Licence theory test

The second stage consists of acquiring the theoretical knowledge needed to drive in Switzerland. You will attend theory lessons which will cover the highway code, rules of the road, traffic signs and other essential aspects of driving. 

Awareness courses

Awareness is the third crucial stage of your training. You'll take part in sessions that focus on raising awareness of driving issues such as pedestrian safety, sharing the road and protecting the environment. 

Practical courses

The final stage consists of practical driving lessons. You'll get behind the wheel with a qualified instructor who will guide you through various real-life driving situations. These practical lessons prepare you for the practical test for all license categories.

By following these four steps with seriousness and commitment, you'll be well prepared to obtain your Swiss driver's license, becoming a competent, aware and respectful driver on Swiss roads.


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